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Poly lets you create, print or export any kind of polyhedron
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Polyhedra often have practical applications in everyday life and that's why they are one of the most important aspects of geometry. That’s also why Poly has been created. Poly offers an easy way for constructing, manipulating and exporting these geometric solids.

Poly is simple to use. There are no intricate settings or menus. Its interface consists of two main windows: in one of them the generated polyhedron is previewed and another one lets you choose the type, family, model and parameters of the generated polyhedron.

Furthermore, the polyhedron can be animated (if rotated) as well as unfolded, which allows you to analyze its faces and edges. Constantly rotating polyhedron can be exported to animated GIF files or to static WMF and PCX images. I think that this exporting feature is one of the best things about Poly, as it lets you easily generate any kind of polyhedron, then export it to an animated GIF or static image file and use it within any other project. The huge variety of polyhedrons that it can generate got me impressed as well. Prisms, deltahedra, dipyramids or Archimedean solids are just a few examples of the many polyhedron categories and subcategories that this application supports.

I like this tool and I can tell that it’s surely handy and well-made even if I’m far from being an expert in polyhedra or geometry.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Allows creating a really large variety of polyhedra
  • Can export to animated GIF files


  • Can not export polyhedral models to 3D formats
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